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"so easy to change your ad in the middle of a campaign"

Juan Walker

We have been successfully marketing through Forum AdManager for the past 6 months. Not only does the software make it easier to offer advertising as a forum owner, but also everything runs on autopilot. You never have to worry about rotating ads, as they go on and off on their own.

As an advertiser, I get an email when my ads are about to expire. This helps me to constantly maintain the ad position that produces the best results!

The feature I love best about Forum AdManager is how easy it is to change your ad in the middle of a campaign. You can quickly turn a non-producing ad into a profit-machine with just a few clicks.

If I owned a forum, I would definitely use this software to make it easy for advertisers to spend money with my site. It is the only set-it-and-forget-it forum advertising platform I have ever seen to be so user-friendly. Your forum can't live without it!

Juan Walker

When I first heard that setting up my ad would be automated, I'll admit, I was very leary about how user friendly the system would be.

To my surprise, I had my ad set up ready to go in 2 minutes flat! I could even make small changes to it through an easy to use admin system. Pretty impressive..

On top of that, I nearly doubled my current affiliate sales! Hats off to an impressive easy to use tool and an invaluable resource.

Peter Dunbar

I love your new advertising system Harvey. It was so easy to set up! The compatibility with paypal does make it highly accessible for anyone.

I advertised on your forum using your brand new system and it ROCKS! I got at least 10 sales from the advertising campaign I purchased from you and signed up about 10 new affiliates. Couldn't spend my money better.

I highly suggest your new advertising system to anyone who wants to gain more affiliates and sales!

Pawel Reszka

The software is easy to use. I just needed to remember my password.

The results I got from your advertising are 18 leads for 1 day and ad price is just $3. If you need an optin list $0.16 per lead is a good bargain.

Katarina Bader

Harvey, Greetings! I advertised through your software. It is amazing. I liked the product selection feature. Payment process is quite simple and fast. Ad modification is real worth - if there is any problem or if any change is required it can be done even when ad is online. Congratulations!

Toniya Mishra

Harvey, your automated system is a no brainer, and most important - 100% effective.

Daniel Hunter

This script runs beautifully. Makes it very easy to book, setup and pay for an ad and all within a few minutes. It's nice that everything's automated and I can easily make changes to my ad if needed. Out of the numerous times that I've ordered ads, I've never had a problem.

Ross Belgrave

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