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What is affiliate link theft ?

Well, if you display your affiliate hoplink in this format

then it is simple for a potential customer to replace you affiliate-id with his and deprive you of commission.

The first affiliate link protection scripts solved this problem.

However Affiliate Cloner also provides the solution to two other restrictions with the ClickBank system.

* It allows you to bypass the merchant's sales copy completely and link directly to the ClickBank payment page. This means you can write your own sales copy should you wish.

* It allows you to send visitors directly to a specific sales page when a merchant has multiple products. The default is to go to the merchant's main page where he may not show the particular one you are promoting or they may all confusingly appear on the one page.

Also most, if not all, affiliate protection scripts no longer have the ability to 'frame' a sales page, which means that the merchant site URL and affiliate nickname appear in the browser bar. This is because the ClickBank system now 'breaks out' of a frame. Affiliate Cloner has been enhanced to solve this problem.

There are other features such as invisible pop-ups. You can read all about Affiliate Cloner here