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    Harvey's Newsletters

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    Harvey Segal
    Site Admin

    Joined: 23 Mar 2004
    Posts: 3150

    PostPosted: Fri Oct 21, 2005 9:40 am    Post subject: Harvey's Newsletters Reply with quote

    Here is a list of newsletter issues which
    have been published at this forum

    Subscribe here:

    Issue 70 How to approach a Guru

    Issue 72 Ignored - by 3 top marketers

    Issue 73 The best thing I ever did in Internet marketing

    Issue 74 Commissions from 2 minutes work

    Issue 75 A new arrival in the Segal family

    Issue 76 AdWords for beginners AND veterans

    Issue 79 Another way to JV

    Issue 80 How to get niche ideas

    Issue 81 My favourite search engine guru

    Issue 82 The future of Internet marketing

    Issue 83 How to get your (e)mail noticed

    Issue 84 Internet marketing - and my cat

    Issue 85 Internet marketing - and my cat: The Results

    Issue 86 My first ever paid ebook

    Issue 88 Will I be as famous as Amazon?

    Issue 89 Best Post of the Year??

    Issue 90 Introducing RSS

    Issue 92 I've found a SUPER affiliate

    Issue 93 PDF - at last

    Issue 95 Help for Newbies

    Issue 97 A big DON'T

    Issue 98 It's time I got involved with AdSense

    Issue 99 Beware - of Spyware

    Issue 100 My favourite products - and why

    Issue 101 Here's a VERY, VERY clever idea ....

    Issue 102 I need to make a will

    Issue 103 Amazing coincidences

    Issue 104 This really IS a 3-day offer

    Issue 105 Who is the Super Guru ?

    Issue 106 Is this the greatest testimonial ever ?

    Issue 107 The word I hate more than 'refund'

    Issue 108 I've found the Super pop-up

    Issue 109 If you are looking for resale rights

    Issue 111 How to improve your Conversion Rate

    Issue 112 How dare you link to my site

    Issue 113 Do you have a small mailing list ?

    Issue 114 How lazy can you get ?

    Issue 115 Warning - why I demanded my first REFUND

    Issue 116 Here's proof why Resale Rights are AWESOME

    Issue 120 Watch a real Guru in action

    Issue 121 My best ever timesaver

    Issue 122 Testimonials - the final jigsaw piece

    Issue 123 100% commission ?

    Issue 127 It's Goodbye To Google

    Issue 129 How to increase your sales conversion rate

    Issue 130 Can you make $1.67 dollars a day ?

    Issue 131 Productivity - and Ingenuity

    Issue 132 My Best Ever Product Review

    Issue 133 The seven dollar secret

    Issue 134 I beg you - TAKE my subscriber lists

    Issue 135 Buying books I might not read

    Issue 136 The day I nearly gave up

    Issue 138 JVs made easy

    Issue 139 Here's 23 marketing skills - you can bin them

    Issue 140 Is this the greatest affiliate program ever ?

    Issue 141 Why not buy a forum ?

    Issue 142 It's a first. I use the phrase 'No Brainer'

    Issue 143 The amazing Magic Button

    Issue 144 What one line of code can do

    Issue 145 The worst CONVERSION stats ever

    Issue 146 Throw away your PDF rebranders !

    Issue 149 Does the Law of Attraction work ?

    Issue 152 Never Sell Ebooks !

    Issue 153 Is this the World's number one affiliate ?

    Issue 154 Fake screenshots and AdWords

    Issue 155 Rebranding - try a demo

    Issue 156 The Ultimate Tool beats its rivals 9-1

    Issue 157 ClickBank affiliates: A 14 page free book for you

    Issue 158 How to Multiply Sales of ANY Product

    Issue 159 Free Book: ClickBank for Newbies

    Issue 160 Sales Conversion Tips

    Issue 161 A rare pre-launch

    Issue 162 A super affiliate joins the Hall of Fame

    Issue 164 The SuperTips Blog is here

    Issue 166 If you need motivation . . .

    Issue 167 The magic of $7 reports - again

    Issue 168 A 10-year old supertip.

    Issue 169 Super newsletters and super affiliates

    Issue 171 Who is the Membership Site king ?

    Issue 172 Fun at the Help Desk

    Issue 176 Stop selling !

    Issue 178 Long copy or short ?

    Issue 181 How to make money from free ebooks

    Issue 185 Beware extortionate fees

    Issue 186 How the lazy marketer gets results

    Issue 187 Learn the secrets of list building

    Issue 190 The Ultimate Free Book has arrived

    Issue 200 Ebooks or Software ?

    Issue 216 7 Minute Riches

    Subscribe here:

    Issue 41 When ClickBank is down

    Issue 42 Stopping ClickBank link theft

    Issue 43 Do you need multiple ClickBank accounts ?

    Issue 44 ClickBank and AdSense

    Issue 46 Never on a Monday

    Issue 48 Seller, merchant , vendor - Publisher !

    Issue 50 The busiest page at my site

    Issue 52 What is the opposite of a refund ?

    Issue 54 How to be BETTER than a super affiliate (see page 2 of thread)

    Issue 57 Why you are losing commissions

    Issue 58 ClickBank Marketplace stats

    Issue 59 Banning affiliates and customers

    Issue 60 I'm having a bad week with refunds

    Issue 61 I REFUSE to let you tell others about my newsletter (see page 2 of thread)

    Issue 62 How products get stolen

    Issue 64 Become a ClickBank reseller

    Issue 65 Refunds, fraud, affiliate tracking

    Issue 67 Here's the way to treat your affiliates

    Issue 68 New ClickBank tools

    Issue 69 How much will you earn this year with ClickBank ?

    Issue 70 Books to boost your ClickBank sales

    Issue 71 The indispensable ClickBank tool

    Issue 72 Struggling ClickBank affiliate ? Look here !

    Issue 73 What's happened to the ClickBank Marketplace ?

    Issue 74 How to beat your RIVAL affiliates

    Issue 75 My meeting with ClickBank

    Issue 76 Landing pages for affiliates

    Issue 77 ClickBank and Adwords

    Issue 78 Commission loss and bonus products

    Issue 80 It's a ClickBank FIRST

    Issue 82 Selling with Video

    Issue 84 ClickBank in London - 2008

    Issue 87 Good news for affiliates - and more

    Issue 88 Viral Marketing with ClickBank

    Issue 89 Handling multiple ClickBank accounts

    Issue 91 How to throw away $60 of ClickBank funds

    Issue 94 Free Book: ClickBank Marketplace SuperTips

    Issue 95 The BEST resource on ClickBank ? Here's your link.

    Issue 96 Are you a STRUGGLING ClickBank affiliate ?

    Issue 107 Thank you (for the cheques)

    Issue 116 A ClickBank Top 10

    Issue 122 Have you seen 73% commission ?
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