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    O/T: Amazing coincidences

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    Author Message
    Harvey Segal
    Site Admin

    Joined: 23 Mar 2004
    Posts: 3150

    PostPosted: Sun Jul 03, 2005 10:36 am    Post subject: O/T: Amazing coincidences Reply with quote


    Issue 103: July 2, 2005
    Harvey Segal, Editor

    Hello SuperTips readers,

    Before I tell you about my amazing week of coincidences
    I'm going to give you an IDEA for a tool.

    I put forward the idea at my favourite forum - the Warrior
    Forum - and was surprised that such a tool does not
    currently exist. Maybe you could develop one and make your
    fortune ? Then maybe you'll remember who gave you the idea
    and slip me ten dollars.

    Here's the idea:

    If you want an affiliate to sell your ebook you provide
    him with an affiliate link. All he has to do is promote
    that link.

    If you want an affiliate to distribute your free book you
    provide him with a customized version branded with his
    affiliate links.

    This means

    * He has to download a rebranding package and produce a
    rebranded book

    * He uploads the rebranded book to his site (and therefore
    he needs his own site).

    * He ideally needs to write some sort of 'sales' copy to
    present the book.

    * He will need to keep current with future releases of the
    book (i.e to rebrand and upload each time)

    All this work explains why you get lots of affiliates
    promoting a paid book but few for rebranding a free book.

    What I suggest is a similar situation for a rebranded

    The book author should be able to provide an affiliate
    with a link which would allow a visitor to download a book
    rebranded 'on the fly' with his affiliate information.

    The benefits for the book author:

    1. It's now as simple for an affiliate to promote a free
    book as it is to promote a paid one. He does not even need
    his own site.

    2. The visitor sees the original sales copy.

    3. The author can capture email addresses - something that
    he cannot do with a rebranded book at the time of

    4. Once the author makes updates to his book the new
    version is available to all visitors. No chance of
    different rebranded versions still being downloaded

    Could that idea be a winner ?

    I'm sure it could.

    I'll tell you what led me to come up with it.

    I've been noting the current trends of generating traffic
    to sites by automatically building lots of content and
    using dubious cloaking methods and though this may produce
    good revenue in the short term you are always at the mercy
    of the latest and ever changing search engine rules.

    For me a far better traffic generating strategy would be
    producing free ebooks which affiliates can distribute. And
    at the heart of this strategy is the purchase of resale
    rights for products on specific topics so that you can
    build ebooks around them.

    So my main area of research recently has been all to do
    with resale rights.

    Which led to the first of the coincidences which I
    mentioned at the start of this newsletter.

    A superb book on this very topic suddenly appeared out of
    the blue. I wrote a review of it in my last issue as you
    may recall and sent a copy to the author Tuks Engineer.
    With a name like that I assumed he resides thousands of
    miles away in India.

    Well coincidence number two - he lives just 2 miles down
    the road from me here in London.

    Even better he's a football fan (English football) but
    alas the team he supports are the sworn enemy of my team -
    Arsenal - so I won't mention their name in this
    publication, but I will tell you the name of his
    outstanding book:

    Resale Rights Empire

    One very lucrative area that the book explains is the
    acquisition of 'Private Label' rights which means you get
    access to the actual raw source of products and can adapt
    as you wish.

    And sure enough coincidence number 3 - while perusing the
    Warrior forum I found that a well known Warrior and
    marketer Bryan Kumar was offering 'Private Label' rights
    for his top products.

    Easy decision - I snapped them up immediately.

    It means I can, in Bryan's words, "break them up and rip
    them apart any way you like and turn them into smaller
    reports, articles, e-courses, or whatever you want. You
    can edit and modify these products however you want. You
    can also combine them all into one mega manual and sell
    copies for a much higher price"

    You can do the same

    Now my strategy for ebook distribution also involves
    writing articles which refer to these books.

    TIP: if you allow the link in the article resource section
    to be rebrandable you have a powerful viral traffic

    The only snag is that submitting articles to directories
    and publishers is such a laborious task.

    So enter coincidence number 4.

    I came across a new software product which submits
    articles for you. It's called Article Announcer and you
    may have (unfortunately) heard of it in the last few days.
    I say unfortunately because nearly everyone promoting it
    has simply used the same old ad copy with no originality
    and I daresay without even trying it out. Before
    recommending it to you I will be submitting articles and
    reporting back the results. However I will tell you that
    my initial read of the user guide has left me VERY
    impressed. If you want to find out further visit

    OK, I'm off now to that wonderful place of learning where
    you will always find me.

    Where ?

    Well if you've been reading carefully you must know by

    It's the Warrior forum

    Privacy statement: Your address is NEVER
    sold, traded or shared with anyone.

    To subscribe: or

    To unsubscribe:

    Contact details:
    snail: Harvey Segal, 158 Morton Way, Southgate,
    London N14 7AL, United Kingdom.

    Copyright (C) 2005 by Harvey Segal, SuperTips

    Newsletter Archives: click HERE
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