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    O/T: The word I hate more than 'refund'

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    Author Message
    Harvey Segal
    Site Admin

    Joined: 23 Mar 2004
    Posts: 3150

    PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2005 5:51 pm    Post subject: O/T: The word I hate more than 'refund' Reply with quote


    Issue 107: August 3, 2005
    Harvey Segal, Editor

    Hello SuperTips readers,

    There's one word that I've always dreaded in Internet

    No - it's not 'refund'.

    Actually it's outside of Internet marketing.

    It's the word 'offline' as in offline marketing.

    For me this conjures up visions of getting a digital
    product like an ebook into paper format, printing off lots
    of copies, binding them, stocking them, packing and

    What a hassle.

    But it doesn't have to be a hassle.

    Did you know that you can get your bumper publication sent
    off to your customer at the flick of an email switch and
    at a remarkably reasonable cost.

    That's just one eye-opening fact that I leant from a new
    video training course by Rob Taylor.

    It was Rob who had the bright idea of inviting me to look
    at a review copy of his product by putting it on a CD and
    posting it to me rather than risk it joining one of the
    many emails I receive each day.

    I also learnt how and where I can get programing work done
    or articles composed or just about any marketing task for
    a mere pittance.

    But what caught my attention most was the realisation of
    the never ending demand for ORGANISED information. People
    don't want to search on Google and get a list of 100,000
    matching sites. They want someone to put that information
    together for them - just like a directory - and are
    prepared to pay handsomely for the result.

    And that's the name of Rob's course: Directory Profits.

    And what are people looking for ?

    Well you will actually see on the video as Rob browses
    through a virtually UNLIMITED (and I don't use that word
    lightly) collection of niche areas.

    When it comes to producing profitable directories Rob's
    video will show you that anyone can do it - whatever your

    And which tools do you need to make this happen ?

    Just one - Microsoft Word will do.

    Let Rob give you all the information here

    So why has that link got the name 'harvey' in it ?

    Because Rob had another bright idea of making it a special
    page (you'll see my name mentioned several times) with a
    discount for SuperTips readers.

    I don't know how long he will maintain the offer - though
    I know that the supply of profitable niches waiting for
    you will never end.

    However if you still don't fancy creating an information
    product, even using material openly available to you as
    Rob shows, then here's a completely different idea.

    You can acquire the resale rights for existing products.

    It's an area I've been pursuing more and more recently.

    And as I started collecting information and resources I
    added them to a page at my site.

    Then the realisation dawned.

    This calls for a minisite.

    And what better to create it than the new super tool -

    In just a FEW hours I had transformed this SINGLE page

    into this SITE

    Ok, I know it needs to be prettied up a bit but my main
    aim was just to get it up and running.

    But one thing I was not looking forward to.

    In those articles (which I created by simply pasting from
    an article directory) I wanted to add Google AdSense.

    I recall that previously when I did this with XSitePro I
    found it really fiddly setting the various options for ad
    size, border colours, background colours, text colours and
    so on and repeating it for EVERY ad I needed to create.

    Why couldn't it default to the same options each time ?

    I raised the question with Support.

    Now the XSitePro team are going to give support a bad name
    because they are actually responsive.

    To my delight there's a new release which has now
    implemented this along with lots of other improvements -
    as well as a Support Forum.

    So here is how I now add an AdSense block to each article.

    == Right Click
    == Select option Insert Google AdSense
    == Click OK

    Can that be easier ?

    I'm looking forward to developing more minisites with
    XSitePro, quite honestly it's the best tool around.

    You'll see why with this short video.

    My next step is to add more content and links to my new
    site Resale Rights Guide and I'll be doing that
    continuously EVERY single day.

    But it won't be me doing the work.

    I'll be using Power-RSS which I mentioned last week when
    it was launched and has gone on to achieve massive sales
    in record time.

    Find it here along with Adrian Ling's other products
    including my all time favourite tool easyClick404 which is
    now reduced in price

    Privacy statement: Your address is NEVER
    sold, traded or shared with anyone.

    To subscribe: or

    To unsubscribe:

    Contact details:
    snail: Harvey Segal, 158 Morton Way, Southgate,
    London N14 7AL, United Kingdom.

    Copyright (C) 2005 by Harvey Segal, SuperTips

    Newsletter Archives: click HERE
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