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    O/T: I've found a SUPER affiliate

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    Author Message
    Harvey Segal
    Site Admin

    Joined: 23 Mar 2004
    Posts: 3150

    PostPosted: Sat Nov 19, 2005 10:24 am    Post subject: O/T: I've found a SUPER affiliate Reply with quote


    Issue 92: December 2, 2004
    Harvey Segal, Editor

    Hello SuperTips readers,

    I've just found a SUPER affiliate !

    I'm going to tell you how he broke a record selling my

    The story is rapidly circulating around the marketing

    I'll be showing you EXACTLY what he did, every step of
    the way, every letter he wrote, and full stats.

    So you will be able to do the same.

    Even more remarkable

    - he does not have a massive mailing list

    - he only runs his Internet marketing business part-time,
    he a has a real job of vital importance

    Read on - this is an issue NOT to be missed


    The story began last week when I emailed a small group
    of colleagues asking them to promote my two new books

    ClickBank Affiliate SuperTips

    ClickBank Vendor SuperTips

    MONDAY saw the start of a continual flow of sales at
    ClickBank from this one particular affiliate. I traced
    back to his site and found it to be that of a man with
    a double life - Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian.

    You can read about his work as a heart surgeon in India
    and his outstanding fundraising activities at this site

    In his spare time he has become a well known and highly
    respected online marketer with a number of sites such

    I sent him a congratulatory mail and mentioned my email
    filter tip - I detect sales notifications and turn them
    red to make them stand out - and that thanks to his
    efforts my screen was a red BLUR.

    Spurred by this he said he was aiming for a 100 sales
    by the end of the week.

    Well I didn't want to disillusion him but this sounded
    like pie in the sky especially when he told me that
    although his message went out to just over 6,000 people
    only 600 were on his primary list, the rest were in new
    lists with whom he had very little prior relationships.

    Knowing these figures I would have been happy to settle
    for 15 or 20 sales.

    And my estimate seemed to be on the mark when the next
    day the sales just slumped.

    And then ... they started again on WEDNESDAY.

    How strange. I asked Dr Mani if he had an explanation.

    He had indeed. He had sent out a follow up message
    based on my comments about the red blur and this was
    now pulling in more sales.

    He told me that Jay Abraham had taught him this valuable lesson.

    "Follow up. And KEEP following up."

    Then I had an idea. I noticed that he had a thread
    running at the Warrior forum titled

    "Dr.Mani's 1st Week As FULL-TIME Internet Marketer"

    Here he explained how he took a couple of weeks off
    from his real job to concentrate on his online
    business. He set himself some challenging goals to
    compete with other marketers who had the luxury of
    working full time on the Net. Then he listed off an
    impressive set of successes achieved in this period.

    So I thought I would add to that post and confirm it
    with my own findings. But after preparing my posting I
    found he had beaten me to it with his own posting
    "Help me make Harvey see RED!"

    showing the letters he had mailed out, and stating
    publicly that he had made a bet with me to reach 100

    When I told him of my wasted efforts in preparing a
    similar post he replied

    "The 'secret' of my success...
    While others think and prepare -- I ACT "

    By the way the Warrior forum is my favourite - you can
    see why at


    But wait.

    OBJECTION - I hear you say.

    Surely a 'plug' like that is not allowed at a forum.

    Well let's see.

    He is providing very useful content so there might be a
    case for allowing it.

    OK, let's ask someone who's very keen on forum
    etiquette. In fact he wrote this report

    How To Post At Forums - For Profit

    showing the right way to post.

    What does he say ?

    I had a quick word with this man and he advised that
    it's certainly not allowable for a newbie to the forum
    but if it's a regular who is known for providing help
    and great content then it should be OK.

    So let's see - how many postings has Dr Mani made at
    the Warrior forum ?

    Over 1200 !!

    Objection OVERRULED.


    We move on to THURSDAY and I advised Dr Mani that
    nothing would happen because it was Thanksgiving Day.
    Most people don't go on the Net and you certainly don't
    mail your subscribers.

    How wrong I was.

    He sent out a Thanksgiving special offer; with a
    brilliant introduction

    "ONLY for people who read this and act on
    it... on Thanksgiving Day


    Because if you're working on a holiday, it's
    because you love what you do - or you are forced to
    do it!

    If you love your work, I'm sure you'll
    appreciate this gift a lot... and it's a way to say
    'Thank you' for being my subscriber."

    Finally on FRIDAY yet another mailout with a clever approach

    The title was "I will lose... "

    and started

    "It's not looking good.
    I made a bet on Sunday with Harvey Segal - I said you
    and the others on my list would buy at least 100 copies
    of his fantastic ClickBank Affiliate Supertips ebook...
    before this week was out."

    The result ?

    He ended up selling 104 (ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR) of my
    books in just five days !

    I've analysed what Dr Mani did to achieve these
    remarkable figures and here are my findings :

    1. An Original Product Review

    By far the best way to promote a product is to provide
    a review which clearly shows that you have read it, in
    the case of a book, or used it if it is a software

    Don't churn out the same promotional material from a
    vendor like other affiliates do.

    You'll see how to read all of Dr Mani's review and his
    other mailings in a moment

    2. Compelling Sales Copy

    What made his review so readable ?
    So easy to understand
    Here is ... the ** SECRET **

    Know what it was ?

    It was using a format like the above with good use of
    indentation, short sentences, upper case, highlighted

    3. Additional Bonuses

    Dr Mani offered his own bonuses if the sale was made
    via his link

    - could that possibly swing the sale with an undecided customer ?

    - could it persuade a customer to purchase from him
    rather than from another affiliate ?

    The answer is obvious.

    4. Following Up

    There were no less than three follow up messages each
    one rewritten with a different slant, each one brought
    in further sales

    5. Deadlines on Offers

    The bonus offers had a no-nonsense deadline, for example

    "Offer ends in 24 hours - no second chances. Time zone
    differences are irrelevant. My PC clock reads 8:29
    A.M. here in India. At the same time tomorrow, this
    offer will cease to exist."

    6. Customer Service

    How would you feel seeing an improved bonus in a
    follow-up message when you had purchased the first time
    and missed out ?

    Dr Mani invited all previous customers to claim the

    7. Goal Setting

    Dr Mani set a goal. One which really stretched him.

    And he revealed it publicly at a forum. That alone
    would spur him to meet the goal.

    8. Innovation

    Try something new, go against the crowd, be creative.

    Some examples so far
    - a mailing on Thanksgiving Day
    - a post about the campaign at a forum

    You'll see another with the next point

    9. The Ultimate Success Secret

    While I was trying to put together this newsletter and
    planning to detail exactly what Dr Mani did he again
    stole my thunder.

    Not only did he provide all the details including the
    exact emails that he sent out to his lists, the sizes
    of the lists and the number of sales each day but he's
    turned it into a PDF report !

    It's called 'Don't Stop'

    Again this demonstrates innovation but there's another
    factor which proves why he is so successful.

    I'm no slouch but Dr Mani had again beaten me to the
    punch for the SECOND time.

    The secret is

    While others dither he takes ACTION

    I urge you to read his report and learn.


    And finally a message to anyone with a newsletter or
    mailing list.

    Can you emulate Dr Mani ?

    You are welcome to promote my books - drop me a line.

    Lots of good reasons

    * they are selling well as you can see

    * commission is 51%

    * 60% of customers go for the special offer of both books

    * you will never have the problem of lost commission

    To explain that last point:

    There are no sales leaks or external leaks at your
    affiliate sites, which are completely separate from my
    own sales pages at

    There's no mention of an affiliate program (only
    customers can join) and no alternate method of payment
    such as Paypal

    P.S. If you want to see ALL the ways you can be losing
    commission it's explained in the books - that alone
    will pay for the purchase, many times over.


    To subscribe:

    Newsletter Archives: click HERE
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