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    O/T: How to get niche ideas

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    Author Message
    Harvey Segal
    Site Admin

    Joined: 23 Mar 2004
    Posts: 3150

    PostPosted: Sat Nov 19, 2005 10:29 am    Post subject: O/T: How to get niche ideas Reply with quote


    Issue 80: July 15th, 2004
    Harvey Segal, Editor

    Hello SuperTips readers,

    I came across a GEM of a posting at a forum today.

    It completely revoked the popular notion that you
    should only look for a marketing niche that you are
    interested in or even passionate about.

    This was the question raised

    "I'm officially stuck on trying to find a niche to
    write an ebook on. I've thought about all my interests
    and just can't come up with anything.

    Any other ideas of what to do or where to look?"

    And now for the response.


    Does this sound familiar?

    Take out a piece of paper and pen.
    Write down all the things you are good at.
    All the things you are passionate about.
    All the things you have done in your career.
    All your accomplishments.
    etc, etc, etc,

    What do you have? A list of 100 things that you probably
    won't be able to market! (or that have already been
    marketed to death)

    Forget looking for things that interest you. Look for
    the market FIRST. If you find a hungry market with
    untapped potential I guarantee you WILL get passionate
    about it.

    Where to find ideas?

    I keep a small digital recorder with me at all times.
    Every time I hear an idea for a possible niche market I
    make a note of it. I listen to a lot of talk radio.
    These shows many times have guests that are experts on
    all sorts of subjects. As I am listening I keep an ear
    open for the host to say something like -- "We're going
    to hold our guest over into the next hour." This usually
    means they have gotten a lot of call in questions which
    means the topic is popular.

    For example, just the other day I was listening to a
    local show and the guest was an expert on Vintage
    Hairstyling -- (styling hair in the fashion of the 20's
    - 50's) After an hour the host said the lines were full
    and they ended up taking calls for another hour.

    Another thing you can do is go to the bookstore and read
    the headlines and subheads on the covers of magazines.
    Magazines do a ton of research on what subjects to write
    about so you know these cover snippets are hot topics.
    Spend a couple of hours jotting down these subject
    headlines. Don't just look at magazines for stuff you
    are interested in -- check out magazines for topics you
    didn't even know existed.

    Look at the top 100 best selling books.

    Look at the top selling electronic products on Amazon.
    Each of these products has a huge market of people who
    would probably be interested in a how to report or video
    about using the product more effectively.

    Once you have found a subject -- go to the Overture
    Search Term Suggestion Tool and enter a broad key phrase
    that best describes this subject.


    I was doubly delighted to see that the author of this
    piece was James Jones who featured in this newsletter a
    few months ago when I did my first ever review of a book
    that was NOT about Internet marketing.

    James wrote a book showing over 90 ways that anyone can
    quickly obtain cash in an emergency.

    If you welcomed the advice in his above response then
    you will be very impressed with "Emergency Cash

    And now I'm going to give you a completely different
    perspective on finding a niche topic.

    Imagine that you could look ahead to the future of
    Internet marketing and predict the tools and
    technologies which will revolutionize the way we do

    Then you could for example get a headstart and start to
    build minisites around them complete with lucrative
    affiliate programs.

    Just think - if you had predicted the rise of
    autoresponders before they arrived you could have
    developed a content site showing how they work,
    features, reviews etc.

    Similarly for ad trackers - hey didn't some chap do that ?

    And similarly for the hundreds of different tools and
    techniques we daily use.

    So what so we do now - put on our thinking caps and
    predict the future ?

    Well - there's no need.

    Someone has just produced a truly massive and awesome
    work laying it all out for us.

    A 2-volume set totalling over 400 spellbinding pages.

    I've spent the best part of two days on what can only be
    described as a first reading, there is so much
    information to get excited about and, vitally, some to
    be alarmed at.

    It would be pointless of me to even explain the content
    as Mike Mograbi does it so much better at his site: I
    particularly urge you to click on where he offers

    "A glimpse of what's revealed in this amazing two-volume ebook!"

    The book is called 378 Internet Marketing Predictions

    and my prediction is that you will be enthralled.


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    Newsletter Archives: click HERE
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