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    O/T: The best thing I ever did in Internet marketing

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    Harvey Segal
    Site Admin

    Joined: 23 Mar 2004
    Posts: 3150

    PostPosted: Sat Nov 19, 2005 10:32 am    Post subject: O/T: The best thing I ever did in Internet marketing Reply with quote


    Issue 73: April 20th, 2004
    Harvey Segal, Editor

    Hello SuperTips readers,

    There's been a great response to the opening
    of our new forum last week.

    ClickBank Success Forum

    It's now been mentioned in many of the top Internet
    marketing forums, however not by myself.

    I've just sat back while others mentioned it - and such
    recommendations will always sound more persuasive than
    anything I could produce.

    In fact although I make many postings every week in the
    major forums I hardly ever make a new (or an
    announcement type) posting. It's always a response to a
    question and, only if appropriate will I use an
    affiliate link in my sig file.

    It was thus a rare occasion when I recently made a new
    posting and 'hinted' at an affiliate link.

    It was at the Warrior forum which is my favourite - you
    can see why at

    Now I've made hundreds of postings there so you might
    think they would allow me a slightly promotional
    article. However I did not want to take liberties so
    you'll see below how I worded it.

    The title was

    "The BEST thing I ever did in Internet Marketing"

    and here it is.


    Warning: the BEST thing I ever did in Internet Marketing
    has nothing to do with any success at earning
    commissions, or selling ebooks or money-spinning ideas.

    It's much less exciting but of much more importance.

    Think back to a posting last November where the question
    was asked "What do you fear most as an Entrepreneur,
    Infopreneur, or Netpreneur last November"

    For me one person was spot on with his answer - "my
    biggest fear is losing data"

    If you are dependant on your PC for running a business
    on the Internet then this has to be your main concern.
    It has always been mine and some five years ago I wrote
    an article "When your PC Backup is not enough" pointing
    out a number of pitfalls if you think you are safe just
    by making regular backups of your data.

    More recently I updated these ideas and included them in
    my book 101 SuperTips in a chapter titled 'Security and

    BUT I have to admit.

    There's one of my own tips which I don't follow - and
    I'm pretty sure most of you don't.

    To be really 100% confident that you can recover your
    data you need to not only run a backup every time that
    you have added critical data that you can't afford to
    lose, but also - and here's the crunch - you need to
    move that backup to a separate location.

    Let's face it - we don't always backup to our PC storage
    devices every time we need to, it's too much hassle,
    and we certainly don't run out every time with the
    backup copies to transport them to a different building.

    (And by the way how confident are we that the latest
    backup is recoverable ? I've had numerous problems with
    my CD rewriter - as you will soon see).

    So it's the neglection of this duty which means that I
    always retain a certain fear and can never feel

    This became most pronounced when my CD recently played
    up yet again and refused to write to a disk.

    My searches for an explanation of the error code took me
    to many sites, many long threads in forums, bewildering
    technical jargon, solutions and counter-solutions until
    finally ... I began to lose the will to live.

    I went into a state of helplessness and the days drifted
    by with the memory of my latest backup moving further
    and further away.

    And then - the gods smiled on me.

    A reader of my book was interested in the tips I
    provided and mentioned that his company ran an off-site
    data backup service.

    I was not particularly interested in this solution
    because such a service is only for big companies, not
    the one-man marketer, and is very expensive every time
    you run a backup, takes ages to run , and is very

    ... or so I thought.

    I was wrong on every count.

    The facts are that it's no additional cost to run a
    backup as many times and whenever I like.

    Or I can have it scheduled to run automatically at any
    frequency such as nightly or every 15 minutes if I
    wanted to.

    The backup is very fast because it only backs up the
    changed data and you can have different sets of data
    being backed up at different intervals. Besides it runs
    in the background anyway and does not disturb your work.

    For example while writing this posting I didn't want to
    lose it and decided to save the particular dataset where
    it resided. It took about 30 seconds to 'backup' some
    30MB of data. And that included the 3 clicks needed to
    start the operation - it really is that simple.

    I can easily restore a file from any backup cycle I
    choose - it's just like selecting a file in Explorer.

    And that expensive cost which I feared ?

    It's about eight dollars a month.

    Every negative aspect and weakness in my previous
    methods has been resolved, resulting in great savings in
    time and effort in backing up manually plus having no
    media to buy, maintain and store.

    But, above all, 100% peace of mind. I can literally feel
    the removal of a stressful factor from my life.


    So I guess you are now wondering where this is all
    leading to.

    To an affiliate link I hear you say ?

    Well really, shame on you.

    Do you really think that the number one reason for this
    posting is to get you to click on my affiliate link ?

    Of course not.

    That's my number two reason.

    The number one reason is to implore you to take steps to
    ensure your data is secure.

    And now for reason two.

    The affiliate link is ....

    Well no, I won't show it here.

    Email me through the forum or at
    if you wish.

    Alternatively get my ebook 101 SuperTips (it's tip 73).

    The book is free and if the moderators don't mind me
    posting the link it's at



    Well you can see how I did not openly use a link there.

    But here it is

    Now by coincidence as I was writing this newsletter I
    received an email from the marketing director of
    Depositit, the company providing this service.

    It was titled

    "Another Virus Hits Town"

    and I've reproduced it here.


    I recently wrote an article about Viruses and anti virus
    solutions, however it would appear that more high risk
    viruses have been released in the first quarter of this
    year than in total during 2003!

    And here we are again, last week it was reported that a
    new variant of the Sober worm (Sober.F), was spreading
    across Europe via Email and affecting everything in it's
    path. The Netsky virus is still very much at large, as
    are a number of Trojans.

    What does all this mean?

    Just one thing.

    People/companies MUST backup their data!

    If you are not backing up your data - you are at risk!
    It's as simple as that.

    How many infected emails are you receiving every day? I
    am personally receiving in the region of 120, and I know
    some of our customers are experiencing over 10 times
    this amount! Last week I accidentally opened one of
    these files - it was at the end of a very long day, I
    was tired, and using my laptop and I simply clicked the
    wrong button - Yup, that's how easy a mistake can

    Fortunately (and I don't why or how), I was OK - though
    I waited in fear, expecting to see everything disappear
    in front of my eyes! It goes to show that no matter how
    careful you are, mistakes can easily happen and next
    time I may not be so lucky.

    Had the worst happened it would have been a pain, but at
    least my data was backed up, safe and readily available.
    This would not have been corrupted, would not have been
    lost and I could have easily downloaded any files or
    folders that I needed in order to continue working.

    Viruses are not going away, if anything they are
    becoming more frequent, more lethal and even more
    worrying. Please ensure your own systems are backed up
    every day, and make sure all your customers, friends,
    colleagues and business associates are backing up their
    systems using Depositit too.

    Depositit packages start from just 60 a year for our
    light user package, which is much less than the amount
    they would have to pay out should the worst ever happen!

    It's their choice, but sometimes a nudge in the right
    direction is all that's required to turn hesitation into
    a sale.

    That URL again


    To subscribe:

    Newsletter Archives: click HERE
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