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    O/T: Do you have a small mailing list ?

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    Author Message
    Harvey Segal
    Site Admin

    Joined: 23 Mar 2004
    Posts: 3150

    PostPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2005 5:43 pm    Post subject: O/T: Do you have a small mailing list ? Reply with quote


    Issue 113: November 22, 2005
    Harvey Segal, Editor

    Hello SuperTips readers,

    I'd like you to do a quick calculation.

    You need to be the owner of a newsletter or a mailing

    (But you can still join in if you are not).

    Now, how many subscribers do you have ?

    (If you don't have a list use a figure of 600).

    Now divide that by 2.

    Ok, done.

    Would you like to earn that figure in dollars when you
    next write to your mailing list ?

    In other words your 600 strong list would earn you $300.

    And your 10,000 list would earn you (... WOW ...) $5000 .

    I'll show you how in a moment but I warn you - you will be
    very DISAPPOINTED with that result.


    Now a list of 600 is very small.

    But we've all got to begin somewhere.

    Last year Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian told me that his hard
    core of loyal subscribers amounted to just over 600.

    You can't earn much from that can you ?

    Well the following week he broke every selling record
    among my affiliates. He grossed an incredible number of
    sales for my two books ClickBank Affiliate SuperTips and
    ClickBank Vendor SuperTips.

    Moreover he wrote in detail step by step exactly what he
    did. And I do mean exactly - every letter and every

    It was worthy of a complete issue of my newsletter

    And to add to that unbelievable factor - Internet
    marketing is only Dr Mani's SPARE TIME job.

    One key factor in such a successful campaign is to show
    originality when writing about a product.

    I'm sure you've received newsletters, or really just
    mailings, where publishers merely copy what the vendor has
    provided and as a result you get a flurry of identical
    messages arriving in your email.

    When I see these I make a point of NOT buying from that

    A good example of the opposite, someone who sends out
    useful information and articles, is Charlie Page.

    As a result I did not hesitate to obtain his recent book
    showing how you can make 'Big profits from a small mailing

    I knew it would be a winner before getting to the end of
    the sales page.

    So if you are a newbie with a small mailing list there's
    no reason to despair, just put into practise the tips from
    Dr Mani and Charlie Page.

    And then I want you to consider this scenario.

    You've just stumbled across a book which has received
    tremendous acclaim from the top marketing gurus.

    And it's a free book.

    It contains unique ideas for pre-selling any product and
    getting traffic. The free information alone can do wonders
    for your profits.

    However it concludes by recommending a list of tools and
    products which can further send your sales rocketing. At
    this point you think
    'Ah, here's the catch - there'll be a huge charge of $129'.

    But astonishingly the whole package is on offer for just

    And with a viral twist whereby the purchaser can then
    become an affiliate and earn 100% commission for such a
    sale (so he gets his full $10 back just on the very first

    Now backed up by your new ideas on selling you think

    'This must be the easiest sale I can ever make.

    A free book with great information, leading to viral
    profits for the customer, for a small charge.

    Let me loose'.

    And so you race off to tell each and all about it eagerly
    awaiting a sale with almost every contact.

    And then you find that one person after another says

    ... NO.


    In fact the first NINETEEN people give you the brush off.

    It's only when you come to the twentieth that a client
    comes to his senses and says - '$10 what a bargain - yes

    At this point how are you feeling ?

    I'll tell you.

    Very, very DISAPPOINTED.

    How could your expectations be so absolutely WRONG ?

    You decide that online marketing is no longer for you and
    prepare to quit.

    But wait.

    Come back.

    I need to finish off that calculation.

    Just one person in twenty saw some sense right ?

    Now that's a conversion rate of 5%.

    The sale earns you $10.

    That means for every 2 people approached you get a dollar.

    Your 600 subscriber list will earn you $300.

    Did I not say that ?

    And did I not say you would be disappointed ?

    Well you should do VERY much better than that.

    Just write your honest opinion about the book in your OWN

    Why not try it.

    Right now.

    The name of that book ?

    The Ultimate SuperTip


    To subscribe:

    Newsletter Archives: click HERE

    Last edited by Harvey Segal on Fri Dec 02, 2005 11:30 am; edited 1 time in total
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