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    ClickBank in London - 2008

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    Harvey Segal
    Site Admin

    Joined: 23 Mar 2004
    Posts: 3150

    PostPosted: Mon Jun 16, 2008 4:18 pm    Post subject: ClickBank in London - 2008 Reply with quote


    Issue 84: Jun 16, 2008
    Harvey Segal, Editor

    It's hard to believe that only a year ago there were two
    major complaints about ClickBank.

    The first was the lack of good communication with their
    clients (publishers and affiliates).

    Since then we have seen the arrival of

    * the ClickBank Blog:

    * the ClickBank newsletter

    * Client surveys

    * Client meetings in London and Chicago

    In fact last week saw the second European Client Meeting in
    London with a repeat visit from

    - Bob King, CEO
    - Monty Sooter, CTO
    - Dush Ramachandran, VP of Business Development
    - Bob Dunlap, Director of Marketing

    accompanied by Jen Johannsen, VP of Operations. Jen may be
    familiar to many of you as she oversees the Security
    Department and Customer Service team.

    Along with discussion of ClickBank's current and future
    plans we also had training sessions for affiliates and
    publishers - details coming up.

    And the second complaint ?

    It was the apparent slow progress of enhancements to their

    The past 12 months however have seen a flurry of activity.
    You can read the details in the Release Summaries in your
    account (a new feature of course) but the highlights include

    * Recurring billing

    * Order form redesign to increase conversion rates

    * Supplemental hoplink tracking to ensure affiliates get
    commission even when the cookie system fails

    * Analytics for hoplinks and improved stats reporting

    * Expansion of their international presence starting with
    Spanish language support and a currency conversion calculator
    on the order form

    You might also like to know that since last year's
    announcement of the first million dollar day of gross sales
    such days have become the norm. ClickBank are growing at
    rapid pace, the 2008 year-to-date figures are 30% above
    those for 2007.

    They have 1.25 million affiliates and publishers of which
    100,000+ are active affiliates and 12,000+ active

    And thanks to the steady planned work put into building the
    infrastructure, instead of hasty solutions, the robust
    systems they now have in place can cater for 10 times this


    Fundamental to this success story is the role of affiliates
    who now account for 70% of sales.

    Did you know that the humble hoplink (which is the link
    that affiliates use) has a server all of its own to handle
    the traffic - an astonishing 38 hits per second.

    What are the best ways to get started as an affiliate ?

    ClickBank recommendations include

    * Launching a blog where you can review a product. The most
    popular blog platform is Wordpress.

    * Submitting articles to, ideally with a
    link to your blog.

    PS. You can get an excellent book on installing and
    customizing a Wordpress blog here


    Do you have an idea for a product ?

    If so ClickBank suggest a number of ways to launch it

    * you can dictate it and receive the transcript by email
    using a service at

    * you can hire a ghostwriter at

    * you can interview an expert. Here's a place to find
    potential interviewees -

    You may wonder how best to remunerate the expert. One way
    would be to share the proceeds of your sales. It would help
    therefore if ClickBank could provide a way to split your
    sales with a 3rd party. Or, as a simpler alternative, to
    allow a 3rd party to login to your account with limited
    access to check your sales stats.
    ClickBank will consider.

    * you can avoid the task of creating content by acquiring
    private label rights (PLR) to products.
    Here is the best guide that I have seen on this topic

    Now with 35,000+ products on the marketplace and another 30
    on average being approved every day here are some ClickBank
    tips on selling your product.

    * As a guide the average price of a ClickBank product is $41

    * The average commission rate is 55%, HOWEVER you will find
    that the top sellers offer a much higher rate e.g 70% or 75%

    * With more than 24,000 completed orders a day - that's a
    sale every 3.6 seconds - ClickBank are able to do extensive
    testing on what works best. And they say that putting an
    image and the product title on the order form achieves the
    maximum conversion rate.

    Now for my own tip: the best way to sell any item is to
    offer your website visitors a free book which provides
    quality information about your product niche, avoids the
    hard sell but concludes with an enticing link to YOUR

    That's exactly what I do with my free book Ad Tracking
    SuperTips to presell the ad tracker of my choice.

    You then let affiliates insert their own affiliate link in
    the book.

    However the rebranding process is not as simple as say
    creating a ClickBank hoplink. I show two methods in my free
    book the Ultimate SuperTip to resolve the problems. And now
    for a third, a new tool which tackles ebook rebranding in a
    revolutionary new way - the Ultimate Rebrander.

    Details of all books and tools here

    Quick Links:
    Ultimate SuperTip:
    Ultimate Rebrander:

    Currently in Development

    The main items ClickBank are working on:

    * The next stage of 'platform globalisation' which includes
    language support for German and French and acceptance of
    major currencies

    * Client payment via Direct Debit (ACH). The only (one-off)
    requirement is that you have received 3 payments in a 90 day

    * An upgrade to the current referral program whereby you
    currently receive 20% (i.e. $10) when a publisher pays the
    $49.95 activation charge plus a small commission on sales
    for the first year.

    My suggestion: ClickBank should take its own advice about
    offering high commission rates. If they paid 70% ($35) for
    each referral that would surely stimulate clients into
    actively recruiting publishers.

    In The Pipeline

    Some of the higher priority items in the queue include

    * The client communication platform: a method to allow
    publishers to communicate with their affiliates

    * Improvements to the Marketplace

    * A HelpDesk/Ticket system

    * Allowing some form of physical products

    * Account consolidation so that one master account can
    control all your accounts

    * Additional analytics and reporting

    * A Help Center to centralise all FAQs, tools and resources.

    Other Discussion Points

    * What better email to receive than "You have made a sale" ?

    I suggested that it would really motivate affiliates to
    re-introduce the email notification when they make a sale.

    * And what is more demotivating than receiving a customer
    refund notification ?

    The refund rate stands at 7-8% and the ease of claiming a
    refund is a continual concern for ClickBank clients. Can we
    not make it slightly harder ?

    I suggested that the customer should have to answer an
    additional question on the refund form such as

    "Have you contacted the publisher at (email address) and
    addressed your concerns ?"

    In this way a publisher could handle any misunderstanding
    about the product or at worst offer an exchange.

    ClickBank will consider these suggestions.

    By the way I have written a book about reducing refunds in
    addition to SuperTips books for affiliates and for
    publishers. You can find them at my newly redesigned site

    To subscribe:

    Newsletter Archives: click HERE
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    Joined: 29 Jun 2005
    Posts: 6

    PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2008 11:17 pm    Post subject: My biggest complaint Reply with quote

    It's been a while since I have posted here, but my two biggest complaints with clickbank are their maximum price limit and the inability to upsell during the ordering process.

    I really wish they didn't have a maximum price limit! That would make me do a lot more business with them.

    - George
    Can I Make Big Money Online?
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    Joined: 10 Jul 2007
    Posts: 4

    PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 10:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

    great write up thanks - I was going to attend CB London but I had another conference the same day!

    My largest concern is that I live in the UK and have to pay everything in pounds, and CB pays me in US Dollars, which really takes a huge cut out of my income.
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    Joined: 04 Jan 2008
    Posts: 39

    PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2008 7:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

    Received your mail regarding the same... Great to know about CB London... Very Happy
    EveryMuscle - $27/Sale + recurring billing!
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