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    Super newsletters and super affiliates

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    Author Message
    Harvey Segal
    Site Admin

    Joined: 23 Mar 2004
    Posts: 3150

    PostPosted: Tue Oct 20, 2009 10:35 pm    Post subject: Super newsletters and super affiliates Reply with quote


    Issue 169: Oct 20, 2009
    Harvey Segal, Editor

    Hello SuperTips readers,

    Remember the 10-year old supertip I told you about in the
    last issue ?.

    (It was: Never link directly to an affiliate site).

    Well here's another golden oldie.

    The very best way to promote any product is to
    write an original personal review showing that you
    have read or used it.

    And last week I saw the very best example EVER of this in

    In an email I received from a master of written
    communication came a stunning review

    Of a free book would you believe ?

    So good that only one thing stopped me from hitting the
    download button.

    The review was for MY latest book !

    Here is the actual mail entitled
    "A Freebie for a Friday..."


    I just found out about this new release - scorchingly hot off the
    press - and didn't want to keep you waiting until next week to
    find out about it...

    ClickBank is one of the best ways to sell your digital products
    online, and by far one of the best places to find products to
    sell as an affiliate.

    But there is a problem.

    ClickBank is almost too easy to get started with, but quite
    complex to master. They provide lots of information about the
    products they represent for potential affiliates, but it can be
    difficult to work out what those stats actually mean.

    Ever since ClickBank first opened its doors way back in 2001, one
    man has diligently worked to make himself an expert in
    understanding how ClickBank works. In fact he is now THE expert -
    he has become the guy that ClickBank themselves consult!

    Harvey Segal has, over the years, built up the most authoritative
    website on ClickBank - his guide to using the system is far ahead
    of what ClickBank themselves offer.

    He is owner of the #1 ClickBank users forum.

    He has written three best-selling books on different aspects of
    profiting from ClickBank.

    And he is on ClickBank's European Advisory Board (an unaffiliated
    group of top ClickBank users who meet annually with the ClickBank
    board to advise on upcoming policy changes.)

    Harvey is the go-to guy.

    His how-to guides are legendary: always short, clear,
    to-the-point, incredibly useful and best of all, free.

    This week he has just released his fourth and latest: 'ClickBank
    Marketplace Supertips', in which he makes some things which often
    confuse even experienced marketers, very clear.

    Some of the topics covered are:

    For affiliates:

    * How to understand what the Marketplace Stats really mean
    * How to find the right product to promote
    * Advanced search tips for the Marketplace
    * How to promote the Marketplace without selecting an individual
    * How to get paid

    For product creators:

    * How to get into the Marketplace
    * How to gain high rankings
    * How to manage multiple products

    Really useful information that anyone using ClickBank absolutely
    needs to read.

    Now, when I tell you that the entire book is only 15 pages long,
    you can see that Harvey writes without hype or fluff. This is a
    ten-minute read that can seriously affect your profits ... fast.

    And he even finds the space to tell you how you can make money by
    giving his book away free!

    I've bought, read, profited from and promoted every single book
    that Harvey has ever written - not because he is my friend, but
    because they are universally excellent.

    ClickBank Marketplace Supertips continues that trend brilliantly.

    And at the price (free) you simply can't go wrong!

    Highly recommended.

    Have a great weekend,

    Best wishes,



    Like thousands of others I find the Kickstart Today
    newsletter from Martin Avis mandatory reading.

    That's why he deserves to be on my select list of IM
    gurus at

    And there you will see his LATEST offering.

    One which shows you his 'formula' for producing such a
    popular and profitable newsletter, called naturally
    enough 'Newsletter Success Formula'.

    In this case I don't even have to review it.

    You've just seen PROOF.


    Now keeping your subscribers loyal and responsive is one
    thing but how do you acquire them in the first place ?

    Well by timely coincidence there's a new product being
    launched about building a list.

    A product I will recommend.

    So I should be giving a personal review shouldn't I?

    Well I have to say I can't because I've only had time to
    study parts of it (though what I have seen has been

    But this time I can give something BETTER than a review.

    Just as with Martin's offering I can give PROOF.

    The author has a HUGE, HUGE list.

    How do I know ?

    Because, and you may recall from my past newsletters,
    with sales of my books he outranks all my other
    affiliates by a quantum leap.

    He is Ewen Chia - the super affiliate.

    His free 'report' on building a list is actually a 46
    page book. He could be selling it on its own.

    Grab it here



    To subscribe:

    Newsletter Archives: click HERE

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    Joined: 19 Oct 2009
    Posts: 1

    PostPosted: Tue Oct 20, 2009 10:50 pm    Post subject: Harvey's Books Reply with quote


    I so agree with Martin. Just downloaded all of your wonderful free books and have read them all -- in just a few days -- yes they are that good. I certainly plan on purchasing the ones that aren't free, as well. You are a talented communicator and a very clever man. Thank you so much, and thanks to Martin who took the time to say what I am sure many others are thinking. Best regards, Twopenny
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