Forum Rules: Slow sales

We do not allow questions about slow sales at the forum for the following reason

From past experience, in this forum and others, many postings don't provide sufficient evidence or are not based on sufficient sales volume to warrant investigation.

We also get unfounded claims about downtime, affiliate links not working, together with conspiracy theories. It's often not clear whether the poster refers to affiliate sales or vendor sales or exactly how results are tracked.

Even where more credible evidence is provided we have the confusing situation where other ClickBank clients are simultaneously claiming high sales.

Typically the question will generate a long thread with contradictory (and illogical) answers like these

- my sales are the same as usual

- my sales are at a record high

- I had 1 sale each day this week but none today - what has gone wrong ?

- ClickBank changed two words on their order form today, thats why I've got no sales

- spyware programs are stealing everyone's commission

- hoplinks don't work any more

- someone at ClickBank is stealing my commission

And so to prevent this situation we have introduced the rule.