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Have you experienced any digital theft lately ?

Would you even know ?

Adrian Ling has a way of knowing for sure and tells us

"I know many people have tried to download my products - easyClick404 alerts me of each theft attempt"

You've put in many hours and days of work in creating your products - are you going to "stand idly" and watch someone walk away with YOUR PRODUCT without paying ?

Here are the products we recommend.

1. DLGuard

DLGuard secures your website, and at the same time helps manage your downloads and build customer lists. It protects your thankyou pages from people accessing them directly and bypassing your payment system. When a customer purchases, DLGuard creates a unique download link that expires at a time interval you choose, protecting you against link sharing.

You can also provide the customer with automatic access to a members area.

DLGuard is the only system that allows you to easily add bonus products.

It supports ClickBank, PayPal, 2Checkout, Stormpay and Ebay digital product delivery, as well as JVManager and Free product downloads. Comes with an easy to use installation script.

For Paypal users there is a built in shopping cart and recurring billing.

Read about DLGuard here

2. easyClickGuard

EasyClickGuard (ECG) is another software tool to protect your digital products from internet thieves and pirates. Created by Adrian Ling (the creator of easyClickmate), ECG integrates flawless with easyClickmate.

One of the product highlights is the 'drop-feed' feature where you can specify bonuses to appear in the customers download area only AFTER "x" number of days.

You can configure the software to 'expire' the bonuses after 'Y' number of days.

This 'drop-feed' feature is extremely useful to discourage refunds as these bonuses can be controlled to appear only after X number of days and/or expire after certain number of days.

Some examples:
Bonus X - to appear in the customer download area 30 days after purchase
Bonus Y - to appear in the customer download area 60 days after purchase
Bonus Z - to appear immediately, but expire 30 days AFTER purchase.

Click here for easyClickGuard