Attributes of a Call Center QA Agent

Without customers, it is impractical to survive as a business entity. Because of this reason, you need to be responsive to all of your customers. Although sometimes they can be abrasive or intolerable, hiring the right candidate or an agent in a call center is the “Key”. The criteria used in an application process depend on organizational capability. Continuously, applicants need to be screened thoroughly. The success derived by your entity will depend on the innate abilities of your agents. After hiring call center agents, they should be exposed to proper orientation and training methodologies of your business. Some implicit attributes of an agent are expected call center outsourcing Canada


Detail-Oriented and Accurate


A customer, like an outsider, needs aid to understand an entity’s operations. A realistic agent should be equipped with massive information about the prospects and philosophy of your company. Specifically, they should be able to discern the history of your company, vision, objectives, specialization of goods or services, senior officials and productivity. If agents face strife, because they are unable to deal with a customer, they should know the proper person they can consult. Within a limited period of time, they should be able to use past information to answer a customer.




Sure enough, the positive goodwill in your company will be highly influenced by the image or reputation presented by your agents at the call center. Once approached by a customer, they should keep an open-mind and a friendly smile. Statistically, people with a beaming face are easy to attract and strike a conversation. Customers are more inclined to judge your agent based on the positive or negative attitude shown. During a virtual conversation—by telephone, email, chart—agents should provide a sense of direction and concern for customers that are dissatisfied or disadvantaged.


Amazing Conversation Skills


Among multiple roles of a call center agent, communication is vital to understanding. Both indigenous and exotic individuals need to be knowledgeable—about a certain language/jargon of experts or the organization. Effective communication is inevitable between a customer and the agent. The person in charge should be able to listen or decode the message carefully and give appropriate feedback concerning various issues. Limited time should be used while talking to avoid spending too much time on a single customer.





If your organization has hundreds of tasks, it is essential to hire agents that are able to work under such daunting situations. At one point, an agent may be taking notes, listening and responding to calls, checking the knowledge base, and updating the CRM—by doing two jobs at once. A highly intelligent and organized person will be perfect as a call center agent; errors should also be minimized. Before a meeting begins, the agent should be there in time. Other than that, your agent should be able to use any call center software.


When it comes to hiring or promoting various persons to be your agent, then you might consider such qualities highlighted below. Over a period of time, the agent can be transformed from a lowly-graded individual to a highly-effective person with the right training facilities and creative environment.